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WARA Holiday Dinner – The Waltham ARA Holiday Dinner on December 20th was well attended and lots of fun.

2017 Holiday Party.  Front L-R:  KC1IKR, K1QAR, WA1CFX, N1GZN, N1JAF, Jackson, K1MBG.  Back L-R:  K1RBC, W1OED, W1NED, KG1T, K1PRE, K1BOS, N1YAN, W1MJ, AB1VF, WA1NVC.  Photo by KC1FUG. Thanks to everyone who helped us fill in the missing calls.

“The Jack and Sal Radio Show” – An artistic 04/64 listener named Ruth (that is all we know about her) has sent us this masterpiece of caricature, and provided this name for the commuting-time discussions on our flagship repeater.