January 4, 1938

The first meeting of the old "Mike and Key Club" of Waltham was opened by W1DMG, Ellis Crossland at 10:15 Tuesday January 4, 1938.

We were glad to have in attendance two new members brought over by Fred Smith W1KCQ. Mr. Harold Jensen and W1KLY. Mr. Arthur Winterkorn came as a visitor and in the progress of the meeting became a member. These new members were introduced to the other members by W1DMG.

A motion was made by W1BRI to go ahead with the election of officers which was seconded by W1GAW. Ballots were passed out and the returns were counted by W1KCQ and W1JCI with the result that W1DMG Ellis Crossland was elected President and W1KXX B.A. Winterkorn was elected secretary-treasurer. Both new officers thanked the members and pledged to serve faithfully and discharge their respective duties according to regular Parliamentary Practice.

At this time W1KCQ made a motion to change the name of the Club stating that the present name conflicted with other organizations in and around Boston. The President called for suggestions and several were submitted by W1JCI, W1KLY and W1BRI. It was finally agreed to change the name to Waltham Radio Amateur Association. The chair at this time instructed the secretary to publish a notice of change in name in the Waltham News Tribune.

W1JCI next brought up the question of money belonging to the members of the old Club. The president elected W1KCQ as a committee of one to see W1GCU and report at the next meeting. W1BRI stated he would see W1GCU at the next meeting of the MAK Club and would take up the matter with him. The Secretary asked the President to discharge W1KCQ from his duty on the committee as he had no means of transportation. The secretary suggested that he write W1CGU a letter and ask him to become a member of the association and should he attend the subject could be brought up again. This suggestion met with approval of all the membership.

The secretary at this time called for the names and addresses of all members so that in case there should be a change in schedule of meeting time he could notify them by mail. Each member paid his dues at this time. The president explained the reason the dues were collected and the amount of the rent which has to be paid regardless. He also gave a brief outline as what was going to be done with the maney left over after the rent was paid. The secretary suggested that at the beginning of each meeting the roll would be called and the members would pay their dues as their name was called. In this way any member who wished to leave early would not interrupt the meeting by asking for change or disturbing the secretary. This suggestion was accepted by the chair. The secretary at this time read a short note in regard to the surplus monies as follows:

"Membership fee shall be ten cents per meeting, payable to the secretary at the beginning of each meeting. All surplus monies left after paying rental of the room shall be placed in the Bank. Bank book shall be in the possession of the Secretary Treasurer and will be available for inspection to any member of the Association upon demand. Bank balances will be used for some form of entertainment, prizes or any other form for the betterment of the association. Any expenditures will be voted on by the membership."

The President made a motion to accept this note as written and it was ok'd by the membership.

A discussion of new members was next brought up by the president and several new candidates were submitted to the president by W1BRI, W1JCI and W1KCQ. These we hope will be in attendance in the very near future. W1JCI suggested that we have a time in the course of the meeting put aside for a Question Box. This was met with approval by all members.

W1KCQ also suggested that we have a Club library and have the members rent out books the same as a regular library. There was quite some discussion on the subject and the question arose as to where the books should be kept. They could not be kept in the meeting hall as no one would have access to them only on meeting nights. It was decided to keep them at the home of the secretary.

At this time the secretary offered to start the library off by donating his collection of QST's. Any member may have the use of this collection at any time. They must however be returned in a reasonable time so that other members may have the use of the collection. Members were asked to add to the library should have any literature that they think would be of use to fellow members. The task of indexing theses issues will be done by the secretary and President in the near future and copies will be given to all members.

The president suggested that each member give the secretary a brief outline of his rig so that tabs may be kept on all new developments. This was voted with approval by all members.

The president gave a brief talk at this time regarding the sportsmanship of all fellow members. Perfect harmony must prevail among all members and officers. Our watchword shall be help the other member in any way possible to straighten out any trouble he may have in his rig.

President W1DMG has kindly offered to bring up the new Pierce Oscillator at the next meeting and advised all members to bring in their sour crystals. W1KCQ made a motion to adjourn and the meeting was brought to a close at 11:20 pm.

B. A. Winterkorn Secretary

{Editor's Note:   This document has been re-typed in order to provide a clear image which you can easily read.  Every effort has been taken to assure that every word is exactly that which was recorded, originally.  The original document still exists and is preserved in the club archives.}

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