Report on Field Day 2023

ARRL Field Day, June 24-25, 2023

For this year’s ARRL Field Day on June 24-25, the Waltham ARA partnered with the Montachusett ARA (MARA). We operated from the summit of Mt. Wachusett in Princeton, MA in Class 3A (3 transmitters, in the field on emergency power). We also operated a “Get on the Air” (GOTA) station for new hams, future hams, and Technician class operators. Over 1,000 contacts were made with other FD participants around the country, and in a few other counties, including an FT8 digital contact with New Zealand.

GOTA Coach Ned, W1NED, coaches GOTA operator Izzy, no call yet

Field Day 2023 Photo Album

Though off the grid, the CW and Digital stations shared a single log file using N1MM Logger+ and an on-site wifi network. The columns in the log excerpt below are: Time, Call, Frequency, Mode, Class, Section. For example, the first contact shown was on FT8 on the 15-meter band with KF0X in Arizona:

Log excerpt – A very productive 5-minutes on CW and FT8