Minutes of First Meeting (January 4, 1938)

Original WARA Constitution (March 15, 1938)

Original WARA Bylaws (Undated)

This 1948 vintage QSL card was sent by WARA’s first president, Wally Clark, W1JCI. It somehow made its way into the collection of Mark, WA3OFR, who kindly donated it to the club.  Note the clever way in which the QSO time is indicated.
Back of the above QSL card. Note the postal rate.
Roger WA1NVC provided this business card scan. The Waltham “04/64” (146.64-) repeater used to have this call, WA1KGS. Note that the card says .01 – .64. This was before the 600 KHz TX/RX split standardization. The Mt. Greylock repeater was .04 – .91. After some crystal swapping involving multiple groups, these repeaters became 04/64 and 31/91.

There is also a lot of history in our Newsletter Archive.  The Spring 1998 has an article on Page 5 describing the early history.

Our Blog is a good source of recent history.