The Waltham ARA maintains four repeaters, all located on Prospect Hill in Waltham, MA.  Our repeaters are open for use by all radio amateurs.  All use the callsign W1MHL/R.  On certain dates, one or more of our repeaters may be reserved exclusively for use by a public service event.

Input (MHz) Output (MHz) Tone In (Hz) Tone Out (Hz) Comments
146.040 146.640 136.5 136.5 Note 1
223.34 224.94 103.5 103.5
444.075 449.075 88.5 none
902.1375 927.1375 131.8 100 Note 2

Note 1:  The 146.64 MHz repeater has two special features:

  • It repeats both traditional analog FM and digital voice mode Apco P25. FM users can use 136.5 Hz Tone Squelch to mute digital voice “noise”.  P25 users should select NAC 293.
  • EchoLink® is available on our 146.64 MHz repeater. Connect to us via W1MHL-R, Node 490278.  To make outgoing connections over the air, touch-tone 64 and the Node number to connect, # to disconnect.  For more information about EchoLink, and to download the free software to use Echolink on a PC or mobile device:

Note 2:  The 927.1375 MHz repeater is linked full time via IRLP linking to the NEAR 900 Network.   Our Current IRLP Status

Simple? Yes, but it’s often harder than you might think. It means that you do not say anything over the air that acknowledges that transmission.
·         Do not say “Did you hear that?”
·         Do not say “I couldn’t hear you because someone was throwing a carrier”
·         Do not complain about it.
·         Do not say ANYTHING that would tell the person that he is making it into the repeater.
Repeater Nets
Nets on the Waltham ARA 146.64 Repeater
Net Name Day Time Description Net Manager
Waltham Wranglers Swap Net Wednesday 9:00 PM Buy Sell and trade amateur radio equipment. Wants and offerings MUST be clearly amateur radio related. Can't get enough Swap Net? We can be found on "WalthamSwapnet" John Flood, N1JAF
SkywarnAs Needed As Needed Meets as needed during severe weather. The Skywarn program helps the National Weather Service protect life and property by using weather spotters and amateur radio operator reports to make precise predictions. Those interested in participating should be properly trained. Several training sessions are coming up. Rob Macedo, KD1CY

WARA repeater site view toward Boston