Officer Elections & Field Day Planning

Officer Elections:  We will be holding elections on Wednesday May 25th, during our monthly Waltham ARA Chime (online) meeting to fill two vacancies:  President  and Secretary.    For the club to continue to function,  we need members to volunteer and assume a little bit of extra responsibility.  These are 1-year positions.  Anyone interested in either of these positions should contact Rich Comer, K1RBC, at to have their name placed into nomination.  

Field Day Planning:  This year’s ARRL Field Day is June 25-26th.  Last year’s outing on Crow’s Island in Stow, MA was a resounding success and current thinking is to return this year.  To make this happen though, the club is looking for 2 or 3 people to form an ad-hoc Field Day committee to plan equipment, food, etc. and take the lead.  If you are interested,  please e-mail Rich Comer, K1RBC, at  We will kick off planning at the 25th meeting after the election of officers.